Three Nights In Galway

I am just back from three wonderful nights in Galway. We had a wee trip away booked for Scott’s mum Angie’s Christmas present from us and Scott’s Dad Michael.  We stayed in Salthill just a little outside of the city centre, right on the promenade. Our apartments were lovely – spacious rooms, well equipped kitchenContinue reading “Three Nights In Galway”

Gifty Comes Home – After a lot of tears, cursing & heart-ache…

If you’ve read my last blog post on my two little rascals you would have seen that Gifty decided to go on a little wander… After a few days we were starting to get a bit worried about her. She’d never been away this long before, we were starting to think the worse had happenedContinue reading “Gifty Comes Home – After a lot of tears, cursing & heart-ache…”

Gifty Goes On An Adventure…

This week has been an emotional rollercoaster! Since Saturday afternoon last week, Gifty has been missing. She’s been away for a day or two before but never for this long. She’s normally always there looking to be let into the house for sleepy times or for feeding times. So, of course, we’ve been calling outContinue reading “Gifty Goes On An Adventure…”

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