We’re Engaged!

I’ve been engaged for two months, one week and six days now. It’s been such a whirlwind of happenings since then and I’m finally getting around to putting it down in words – if that’s even possible!

Scott proposed on Saturday 01st June 2019; one day before our ten-year anniversary. I had booked two accommodations for us to stay in over this weekend, as it was a big milestone, I simply wanted to arrange something nice for us to celebrate. The first accommodation we stayed with was the absolutely stunning Finn Lough Resort. I had been itching to stay with them for ages, especially to stay in one of their bubble domes. I thankfully was able to book the last available standard bubble dome (the premium ones were fully booked ☹) But, Oh My Goodness! The bubble dome was undeniably amazing. I would have loved to have stayed longer in it but there’s so much to keep you occupied at Finn Lough, never mind getting engaged and celebrating.

We were booked in for the spa trail, evening meal and sundowner. Everything was perfect – that’s the only word for it. There was not one single let down, from the straight forward arrival/check-in process where they let us leave our bags with them to run over to our bubble while we’re at the spa to ending the night in the most magical way – sleeping under the stars with my fiancé.

The elements spa trail was something neither of us had experienced before. You start off with a casual consultation with the spa receptionist; she will explain the whole process with you, give you towels, locker key, water shoes and water bottles. There are 5 rooms and you have 20 mins to stay in each until you move on to the next. I thoroughly enjoyed each room; the Finnish sauna just wasn’t my cup of tea but that’s just me not doing well with saunas in general but, saying that, the herbal sauna was a lot more manageable for me – it probably did help having the hotter Finnish sauna first and our skin looked so clear right after. If everyone follows their time slot correctly you shouldn’t have to see another person on the trail, and it feels like you have it all to yourself. The last ‘room’ was the outdoor hot tub where you are looking out over the Lough – so amazing!

After the completely rejuvenating spa trail we were able to check-in properly to our bubble. They brought us over in one of the golf buggies from reception. The lovely receptionist helped us with bringing the rest of our bags into the bubble and explained all we needed to know such as the heating, the doors (you have a wee two door system where the first one needs to be closed fully before you open the next one, or the bubble will start to deflate), when checking-out we can give them a call to pick us up again in the golf buggy. 

We had a nice wee rest before getting ourselves ready for our evening meal at 6pm. We got ready and had another cheeky cocktail in the bar below the restaurant before heading up for our three course meal. The food was gorgeous! Perfect portion sizes and very well presented – we took plenty of pictures before digging in…

Our sundowner experience was booked for after our meal for 8pm/8:30pm and we had selected the cheese board with rose wine. The weather that whole day was glorious, and it was giving it to be good all through the day & night – the sun was shining non-stop and it was so warm too, then as soon as we were finishing up our dinner – it started to rain…

We had three options: cancel it all together and get a refund, change the location to have it indoors for a reduction in price or have it anyways as it is and they will give us extra blankets and umbrellas. Normally Scott would be the first to say we should just cancel it but he was all for it – this should have been my first clue!

We went down anyway with our umbrella; it was only raining very lightly then. The pictures does not do this place justice at all – it was just so beautiful… There was two other couples there also for their sundowner experience but you’re good and spread out so it does feel very private – the perfect setting for romance.

Scott of course, brings his camera with him everywhere and I paid no attention while he looked about for the perfect spot to set it up on his tripod for a nice picture together for our anniversary. We sat for a while, waiting for the rain to stop, but it showed no signs of letting up unfortunately. So we decided to pack up our cheese board with the wine and head up to the bar again. But first we got a ‘picture’, or so I thought, Scott set up the camera to record while he proposed… the full video is on my FB page – bring tissues!

I was so surprised! All I could say was Scott’s name over and over again. I was in total shock…

The whole evening he was telling me he had his spare camera battery in his coat pocket, but turns out it was this massive rock he was keeping safe. Even when we were in the restaurant, the greeter offered to take our jackets and Scott shot him down with a very quick NO!

We walked back up to the bar to grab a celebratory drink. When we got there, we were met by the lovely reception staff member that took us to our bubble earlier, she was the first person we told and she was over the moon for us. The lovely staff at Finn Lough gave us two complimentary glasses of Prosecco. I, of course, then rang my family to tell them the news, but sure they all knew why I was calling – Scott had been out to my parents to ask for their blessing. He told my brother already and his family also. After a few celebratory drinks we dandered back to our bubble dome – floating a little with all the Prosecco bubbles. The next morning we were blissfully woken up by raindrops on our bubble dome (well I was, Scott could sleep through a storm)

We got ourselves ready and headed down to the restaurant again for a lovely breakfast.

After breakfast we packed up our stuff and headed for stay no. 2 – Lough Erne Resort. I had a Lakeview Room booked and we made reservations for an evening meal in their Loughside Bar & Grill.

It’s a lovely resort and I have been here a few times before for afternoon tea so I knew what to expect. The room had a traditional decor and the bathroom had the most beautiful stand alone bath. The food in the restaurant and for breakfast were both great but I couldn’t help with leaving a little disappointed. We were newly engaged and there was little effort made to persuade us into choosing them for a wedding venue.

Thanks for reading! No wedding plans have been made just yet, we have a holiday coming up now soon and we both agreed not to do any planning until afterwards because we both want to be able to enjoy our holiday. I can’t wait to start planning though!

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