Gifty Comes Home – After a lot of tears, cursing & heart-ache…

If you’ve read my last blog post on my two little rascals you would have seen that Gifty decided to go on a little wander…

After a few days we were starting to get a bit worried about her. She’d never been away this long before, we were starting to think the worse had happened and had been knocked down by a car or something.

We had put up a post on Facebook saying she was lost. That day we did get some good news – she was seen in a friend of ours’ garden the previous day. So this, at least, reassured us that she was O.K. and that she would make her way back to us soon.

Later that week, a couple of days before we went to Krakow, I got a message from my auntie saying that Jimmy (a man in our park) has Gifty and told her that it was his cat. Jimmy told my auntie that he was keeping her close so that she would get used to his place again and stay about his house more. Which sounded totally bizarre to us because we have been looking after Gifty the last two years. Now, we knew that she must have ‘belonged’ to someone, but wasn’t being properly looked after because she has no collar, was always hungry and always came to us when she wanted somewhere to sleep and affection. She would have always been waiting at our door for either of us to come home from work and let her in.

She started coming round to us because our neighbour was feeding her along with her own two pets – when she started to stay with us more often our neighbour gave us food that she had bought in specifically for Gifty and she knew we were looking after her. Our neighbour then moved away about 2/3 months ago, Jimmy said he knew our neighbour Joyce was feeding her and so ‘decided’ to keep her close because they moved away.

We didn’t hear that Jimmy had Gifty until about a week or so after she was last spotted in our friend’s garden. My auntie found out he had Gifty, she told me and I was distraught. I rang my auntie to get her side of the story. I then rang Scott’s mother who would know Jimmy somewhat and got her to ring him. She told him we had been looking after Gifty for the last two years and we had grown very fondly of her. He said that ‘twinkles’ was his cat, he has pictures of her when she was small, took her to the vets when the end of the tail was infected and needed taken off – this is the only reason I didn’t got storming round to his and demanding my cat back.

He made such a big thing about her being his cat I assumed he was keeping her in the house and actually taking care of her. I kept telling myself that she would come back to us when he finally let her out anyway. This was before Krakow – so around 30th Sept/01st Oct time. We find out yesterday (25th Oct) that he has been keeping her in a cage, in a shed in his back garden all this time! There’s been stormy and freezing nights this month – all these types of nights I had thought of her and wished she was nice and warm inside – out of the cold and wet. But no…

My auntie must have kept on at him to let her out but somehow she found out what way he was keeping her. She said she would buy the cat off him and he sold her the cat for £50.00. My auntie brought the cat straight around to my house where Scott was at home. She was skin and bone… Lost so much weight and looked so ill. Scott gave her food straight away – she ate it that quick she threw it right back up…

Scott rings me in work and I cry my eyes out. I come home after work and I see how small and ill she looks. She was a wee porker when she was last with us. I was devastated but still so glad to have her back…

I had an appointment with the vets tomorrow morning to get the both of them chipped and registered under my name. I’m going to tell the vets what happened and see what they say. I want to ring RSPCA. I want to choke him! – he has another cat that he keeps around the house, chickens in the back garden and also a big German Shepherd dog – that’s why I never thought he would have been so cruel to my Gifty because he has other animals… But he obviously just keeps a cat to keep the mice away, the dog to stop people stealing from his scrap-yard of a ‘garden’ and God knows why he keeps chickens…

I just don’t understand why he made such a big fuss about the cat being his if he had no intention on looking after her properly. Especially now, after we’ve been looking after her for two years. Why worry about her now; when he obviously didn’t give two shits about her to begin with.

But at least I have her back, she was a bit on edge last night – which is to be expected. We’re keeping her in the house for a while; the litter tray is back out and we basically have to start over again with getting her and Marley to play nice with each other again.

If you’ve been in a similar situation please do feel free to share your story with me. If you’ve had to contact RSPCA or another organisation for something similar too I’d like to hear what the outcome was. I hate what this vile excuse for a man has put my Gifty through and I don’t want to let him away with it either…


The picture below was the last proper picture I had of her before she left and you can see that she has a nice healthy round chubby face and body and just has an over all healthy glow about her.


The picture below was taking the first taking after her first night back – you can see she is noticeably smaller, fur looks rough, shaggy and dull…














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