Gifty Goes On An Adventure…

This week has been an emotional rollercoaster!

Since Saturday afternoon last week, Gifty has been missing. She’s been away for a day or two before but never for this long. She’s normally always there looking to be let into the house for sleepy times or for feeding times. So, of course, we’ve been calling out for her and looking in the normal hide out spots – but so sign of her.

We’re starting to worry big time about her because the last week or so she had been acting very out of character. Just little random things like she wouldn’t eat the food we put down in front of her or she’d be lying down, sound asleep and she would jump up and hide as if something has scared her.


So she was in the house, along with Marley, on Friday night and I fed the both of them and then put them outside for their bathroom breaks the next morning. I went to work and so did Scott. When I came home from work; I called them both in for food but only Marley came. No sign of Gifts the rest of the night or Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday – I was getting so worried. I put a picture up on my Snapchat of her to see if any of my friends in the area had seen her. A friend put up a facebook post for me (as we aren’t technically allowed pets in our house).


Thankfully, someone in a few parks over from ours, seen her and got in touch. I sent her a few more pictures to make sure it was Gifty and she was 100% sure it was. She said she had seen Gifty with her neighbours cat. I went over to that park, had a look for her and called her name – but no luck. She’s going to keep a look out for Gifty for me and give me a shout if she sees her again. I also asked another resident in the park to keep an eye out for her too.

Today, Scott and myself called around the park for her again – but again, no luck. We’re going away next week to Poland for 4 nights and Scott’s mum is on feeding duties; so if Gifty does decide to come back when we’re away at least there will be food for her here.

Fingers crossed she’s back soon! If you’ve experienced something similar with your cats or have stories from other people please feel free to share them with me – for a bit of reassurance if nothing else…


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