Sisterly Love

I don’t know what it is with these two little rascals but after I wrote last time about Gifty and Marley starting to show signs of improvement; then they just took a turn for the worse!

Marley was chasing Gifty up the stairs more often, Gifty would let an awful wail out of her when she came close to catching her and there were a right few swipes exchanged too. This probably continued for another couple of weeks.

But now, after living together for 6 months, they have been very good with each other. Taking turns for sleeping in the bed at night, I haven’t heard Gifty growl in a good while, Marley is starting to understand when Gifty is not a playful mood (which can be 90% of the time) so at least she’s starting to realise when it’s best not to push her luck.

I’ve caught them sometimes giving each other wee sniffs when they come face to face and butt to face lol; which is super cute! (when they do face to face lol not butt to face)

Marley’s not as jumpy anymore. She did have one really bad day there recently where she seemed very edgy and nervous. It was a night when we hadn’t seen her for most of the day and I got quite worried for her – she possibly had a run-in which another cat from the neighborhood or someone chased her from their garden/house and just spooked her a bit. I know she’s came on a good bit because Scott will have random outbursts and when he sneezes; he doesn’t hold back lol and before this would have startled Marley and she would have ran and hid for a while; now she’s quite used to him.

Marley still chases Gifty up the stairs but we’re starting to think that they are playing that Gifty doesn’t mind it as much sometimes. Marley wasn’t even in the house last night and Gifty still ran up the stairs as if she was being chased lol – so either Gifty just always runs up the stairs then Marley thinks she’s playing and runs after her or they were actually playing and Gifty is just being a big wuss and cries out as if she has just been shot!

Just the other day, they were actually able to sleep on the bed together, with both of them aware the other one was there. Gifty didn’t even growl and get startled like she would have before. This is a major step forward actually!

When we went on our summer holiday for 11 days there in June we asked Scott’s dad to stay at ours to look after them for us. We were originally going to send them to a highly recommended cattery but for 11 days and for two cats, it was quite expensive. But they were grand with the cat-sitter and I think they had a good dose of tough love too. I think with having just each other for company they may have actually bonded.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope you enjoy reading about my little rascals and seeing their pictures (I take a lot of pictures of them lol). This might be the last update I’ll have on them for a while because they are pretty much used to each other now (fingers crossed!) I was thinking about treating them to a multi-level Cat Tree climbing frame and scratch post. They are still scratching the shit out of my sofa! I might get them this for Christmas (it’s coming in so quick!) We are away to Krakow in October and our previous cat sitter is coming with us too, so we may have to bring the kitties to the cattery after all or possibly ask Scott’s mother; haven’t decided yet.

I’d love to hear if anyone would recommend bringing kitties to a cattery or would it be better to have someone to pop in to check on them (we’re only away 5 days). If you have more than one cat yourself; how long did it take for them to get used to each other? If you have any questions for me, please do feel free to get in touch.

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