Three Weeks Later

These two little rascals have now been in each other’s company for just over three weeks now. It was only last week that they started to show some form of improvement.


Gifty is still guarding the stairs though. But Marley is being very patient and resourceful with her; she knows to wait her turn to go up the stairs (normally when Gifty is outside or on our bed sleeping), she knows that Gifty doesn’t like confrontation but will put on a good show at the same time.

Gifty’s still growling at Marley; just for being there. Marley just sits and passes no remarks at her. We tried just letting her growl it but we’ve still been keeping a close eye on her while she’s growling in case she decides to take a swipe.

Marley would just be used to having other cats around and not having a territory to call her own; so she just goes with it. Gifty should be used to other cats but probably just not in such a close proximity.

But yes, they are starting to show signs of improvement. Marley is still quite jumpy but is becoming more affectionate and loves her wee head patted. She still isn’t keen on being picked up – this may be still due to her tummy being delicate from the surgery and stitches. Her outer stitches were removed almost next to no time but she still has a few dissolvable stitches under the skin but the vet told me they can take up to 90 days to dissolve. So for now we try not to pick her up if it can be helped.

Gifty always sleeps on our bed (spoilt girl, I know!), one evening when all three of us (myself, Scott & Gifty) and then Marley pops her head up. She’s quite tiny compared to Gifty so when she goes up on her tip tops she can just about see on the top of the bed. She made it up, came over to lie by me and Scott – at this stage Gifty was sound asleep so didn’t notice her. After a while, Gifty woke up, spotted Marley and of course started to growl and throw death stares. We let her growl it out, eventually she gave up and put her head down again to go back to sleep. That lasted for about a whole 20 minutes – I tried to move position in the bed, Marley got spooked and left. We’ve found she prefers her own company anyway.

They are slowly but surely starting to show signs of improvement. Things could be worse, and they could be fighting the bit out but they’re not and I’m thankful for that much. Me and Scott have our summer holiday in June and we will be away for ten nights, I was pricing a cattery for this duration and they were quoting me for a double occupancy cattery; so hopefully at this stage they will be able to get along together and have each other for comfort and company when we’re away for a while.

Scott’s in charge for when I go away to Glasgow for the weekend – so stay tuned to see how that turns out for everyone! It could go either way with these little rascals!

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